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What is virgin hair?

Here at The Lee Collection, quality is of upmost importance when it comes to hair, so that is what we strive to provide! We offer 100% virgin hair that has not been chemically processed in any way. Each bundle has been collected from one donor (one person), sourced from the country of origin, with the full cuticles aligned in one direction.

Our bundles do not contain any dye so you may notice that each bundle may differ in color. Since we source 100% Authentic Virgin Hair, the bundles will come in a natural brown color, with some bundles having lighter ends,


How long does the hair last?

With proper care, this hair can last up to 3 years! We also recommend to treat your bundles as you would treat your own natural hair. Purchasing virgin hair is a big investment, with proper hair care being a critical component when investing in quality virgin hair. Click here for our hair care tips.


How many bundles should I purchase?

We always recommend our clients to purchase 8-10 ounces of hair for a full sew-in. The amount of bundles you should purchase all depends on the style/ look you are going for.

For a standard full sew-in we recommend:

12”-18”- 3 bundles

20”-26” – 4 bundles

28”- 32”- 5 bundles

*If you will be purchasing a frontal, we recommend purchasing 3 bundles with the frontal.



Can the hair be coloured or dyed?

Yes. Because we are providing 100% unprocessed virgin hair, you can apply bleach or colour to achieve your desired custom color.

We HIGHLY recommend that a professional hair stylist or colorist apply dye or bleach to the hair for best results.

*Keep in mind that once virgin hair has been altered in any way (bleach, dye, etc), it is no longer “virgin”.

Please follow our hair care tips on how to care for the hair.


Can my wefts be cut?

We always advise to prevent cutting your wefts as much as you can. Cutting your wefts can cause unwarranted shedding. If cutting your wefts its unavoidable, we suggest to seal your wefts to maintain longevity.



Can the curly or wave hair be straightened?

Yes, our curly/ wavy hair can be straightened and will revert to its natural state once cowashed (deep conditioned). However, please ensure that heat protecter is applied to the hair before straightening/ applying excessive heat.